Selling Your Home in Orleans

The biggest issue on home sellers’ minds when selling their home in Orleans is how to achieve the highest sale price.

And yet most homeowners feel disadvantaged and ill-equipped to achieve this.
Pricing a home in Orleans is an imperfect science to begin with, and market factors can cause large swings…

We are the Real Estate Professionals in Orleans, Ottawa. We follow a proven system, which we outline in a new FREE special report for home sellers

“The 4 Most Common Mistakes Home Sellers Make in Orleans, Ottawa”…

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How Can We Help?

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(888) 659-7531

Here are some key points of our service:

  • Get A Cash Offer On Your Home Within 24 Hours GUARANTEED or I Will Buy It!*

    You will receive my up front Cash Offer Guarantee in writing guaranteeing that I will sell your home before you take possession of your new one. f an outside buyer all of a sudden beats the price I offered for your home, you get to take the higher price... Not mine. Making sure you get the highest price offered on your home! Stuffing your pockets with more money!
    *See our About Page for conditions

  • Our Buy Back Guarantee*

    If you've moved in to your new home and you find you're NOT HAPPY with your purchase - for any reason - I'LL SHOULDER A HIGHER MEASURE OF ACCOUNTABILITY than the typical real estate agent. As such, we'll actually step up and...
    *See our About Page for conditions

  • Ottawa's Premiere FREE Investment Seminar

    We at The Paul Rushforth Real Estate, Inc want to work with you in our Investment Program which entails: How you can buy an investment property here in Ottawa with almost NO money out of pocket! How you can break into the investment business! How you can create HUGE Income without taking time out of your busy day! How to get INSTANT Access to our turn key investing system before you even leave! Don't waste time running around looking and and dwelling over properties that may or may not make you money! We want to ensure that you start off right and make money on your investment quickly!

Buying a house or selling your home in Orleans?

Make sure to grab our Free Video Series on What You Need to Know Before You Buy or Sell in Orleans, Ontario ON Today!

Customer Testimonials

" When we found our dream home we knew we would have to sell our home in order to buy it. Of course, we were nervous that our home may not sell as quickly as we need it to in order to buy the house we wanted. Paul calmed our fears by offering to buy our home so that we could close on our dream home. He even put it in writing!! Paul and his team ended up selling our house for 99% of asking price in just 14 days! "

H. Dane, Ottawa, ON

" When we met with Paul and his team, he told us that he would work as hard as he could to make it a seamless transition for us and that he did! The Paul Rushforth Team was wonderful! They were polite and courteous, yet very direct in delivering their opinion in preparing our home for sale. The team identified a buyer within 12 hours! And, while contemplating this offer, we had 2 more requests for showings! Having dealt with different companies in the past we must say that Paul and his team are the best! They were attentive, compassionate to our needs and most of all trustworthy. We just can't say enough about the experience. The paperwork was so well done, the information was always timely and they handled our affairs in such a through and professional manner. What a great way to be represented. "

N.C, Ottawa, ON